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Ecological and safe environment


Well-managed villages with all communications


Experience and professionalism
SIA DOMUSS is the real estate development company of the U.S. investment fund group NCH Capital in Latvia. The company has been operating in the Latvian market managing, leasing and selling real estate since 1995. Currently, the main focus of DOMUSS operations is real estate development. The new projects include single-family homes, luxury, moderate and economical apartment houses, as well as commercial parks and office buildings.

Quality guarantee
Nordic Villages cooperation partners are construction companies with years of experience in production and construction of houses not only for the Latvian market, but also in Scandinavia and other European countries. The industrial house manufacturing by our cooperation partners ensures high quality, precision and durability of houses. We take full responsibility for our work.

Made in Latvia
Nordic Villages houses are a real Latvian product, houses are manufactured in Latvian production plants. Design of the houses is developed by local architects with Latvian understanding of a stable, comfortable and aesthetic home in mind when planning facade architecture as well as layout of the houses.

Democratic pricing policy
We are aiming at developing house projects with utmost efficiency, establishing an efficient manufacturing and construction process, which allows us to offer prices affordable to each and every family. Since we are focusing on increasing energy-efficiency of the houses, customers are guaranteed low maintenance costs.


Perfectly balanced micro-climate is ensured by building materials and timber structures. Natural balance of air humidity is provided. The industrial manufacturing facilities contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution during the house production processes.

House models are developed basing on cost – efficiency principles widely used by Scandinavian architects and engineers. The area and volume of buildings is developed based on thermal stability calculations which allow for the lowest heating consumption considering the respective layout and planning.

Fast delivery
Due to our skilled architects, constructors, civil engineers and designers, construction of a house from the moment the contract is signed until its complete commissioning takes only a few months.

Quality and efficiency
Houses are built basing on an innovative and modern industrial technology which is widely acknowledged and common in Scandinavia and other European countries. The tailor-made quality control and management system allows for the increased supervision of the whole construction process and waste-free use of all materials.