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Village “Lapsas” in Babīte


Privacy and comfort


Beautiful opportunities to relax

  • Infrastructure

    Well-organised living environment, asphalted roads and lighted streets, all utilities

  • Life in Babīte

    Closer to nature and silence, surrounded by pine forests


    Village “Lapsas” and the neighbourhood


    Buy a ready-made home and move in already tomorrow!


    Houses built to suit your individual needs



    Central water supply from a common artesian well.


    Taking into account principles of common design, all the buildings in the new village have fences of identical style.


    Total electric power supply to each house is 12-14 kW.


    When the evenings are dark, streets in the village are always well-lit.


    All streets in the village are asphalted.


    The sidewalks are paved.


    Television and Internet connection are provided by Viasat, LMT, Lattelecom.


    Various heating solutions are available — electric heating and the pellet boiler as well as the heat pump, .


    Each house features an individual biological treatment plant.

Life in Babīte

  • Residential village “Lapsas” is located in Babīte municipality, half-way between Riga and Jūrmala cities, in a quiet and picturesque site surrounded by pine forests.

    It is a 10-minute drive to Jūrmala City, and it also takes 10 minutes to the international airport “Riga”, while the Riga Centre is only 15 minutes away by car. Just right to switch from work and numerous obligations to leisurely enjoyment of life and relaxation. The closest populated area to “Lapsas” is Piņķi.

    61% of the land in Babīte municipality is covered with forests, waters and bogs, which is why the municipal coat of arms features a cluster of red rhododendron representing the beauty of natural resources everyone has to take care of. The close bond with nature is one of the key values of “Lapsas” residents. The rare opportunity to relax and get ready for a new working day in quiet, peaceful and calm environment is highly valued. Isn’t it delightful to listen to the birds singing while enjoying your morning coffee?!

    The new village is located in a place rich in waters. Lake Božu with two islets and several swimming places is very close — just 3 km from the village. And Lake Babīte, which is the 7th largest lake in Latvia, is about 4 km away. It takes only a 10-minute drive from “Lapsas” to the beach. Moreover, the village is encircled by pine forests accounting for excellent air quality, and wild mushroom and berry places. According to the locals, rainbows in “Lapsas” are more frequent than anywhere else!

    The village “Lapsas” will have 94 land-plots ranging from 1,200 to 1,600 sq m. We offer to purchase ready-made homes or to build a house of your dreams, at the same time preserving the common architecture style of the village.

  • Traffic

    From Piņķi to Riga or in the opposite direction — to Kalnciems, there is a regular bus service and a minibus line available. And from the village “Lapsas” there is a school bus running twice a day to Piņķi and Babīte. A bicycle is an irreplaceable mode of transportation, and locals like going on shorter and longer distances by bike. besides, a new cycle path will lead to the village “Lapsas”.

  • Education

    One of the key focuses of Babīte municipality is education of children. Here you can find both – public and private kindergartens, Babīte Secondary School. Parents appreciate that children can go by school bus to the school in the morning and back in the afternoon. At Babīte Music School children can learn playing various music instruments. The more gifted ones are offered an opportunity to try career of a musician by playing on the stage of a real concert hall. In Piņķi there is launched construction of a new kindergarten and school ÉCOLE FRANÇAISE EXUPÉRY, where children will be offered in-depth learning of the French language. Special attention should be paid to the International School of Latvia in Piņķi. Here children are taught according to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. International School of Latvia enrols students aged 3 to 18. This is a unique opportunity to study foreign languages already at an early age and get used to a multicultural environment — at present, there are approximately 300 students representing 30 nations studying in the school. Teachers come from Latvia, the USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and other countries. Note that many families, including foreign diplomats have moved from Riga or Jūrmala to Piņķi or in close vicinity so that their children could attend the International School of Latvia.

  • Leisure and relaxation

    Anyone approaching “Lapsas” immediately feels like opting for a rest outdoors. Although there are many nature parks and reserves in the vicinity, the area is well suited also for those who prefer active recreation. Within a short distance there is Nature Park Beberbeķi, Ķemeri National Park, nature reserves — “Cena Moorland” and “Lake Babīte”. There are 17 species of fish in Lake Babīte, including tench, pikes, perches, and eels. Besides, Lake Babīte and its vicinity is a significant place of bird gathering — 184 bird species have been observed there, 15 of them being among the European endangered species. Here you can also find boat hire spots offering sports equipment rent. The Rhododendron selection and trial farm “Babīte” of the University of Latvia occupies an area of 11.8 ha in the pine forest, and it is the only specialised rhododendron farm in the Baltic States. The farm is proud of its 86 newly developed rhododendron species. During the beautiful time of the year when rhododendrons are in full blossoms — May and June — the farm is visited by thousands of visitors to enjoy the remarkable collection of rhododendrons.

    By the way, the main festivals organized by Babīte municipality are devoted to children. Each year on the 1st of June, the unique Children’s Festival is organised — joyful activities for younger and older kids throughout the day. Beautiful childhood memories to be remembered the whole life.

  • Sports

    If you choose to live in the village “Lapsas”, you can start going in for sports just by stepping outside — there are great places for cycling, Nordic walking, running, cross-country skiing. Besides, you there is also a modern playground for children to enjoy. Babīte Sports Centre features two swimming pools, saunas, three sports halls, stadium, and a skatepark. Then there are various sports disciplines open for training — chess, table tennis, card game ‘zole’, ‘novuss’ (koroona game), indoor football, and many more. Figure-skating athletes and ice-hockey players can call themselves lucky, since within a short drive by car they will find the “Inbox.lv” ice rink open for skating throughout the year. Besides, residents of the village have a unique opportunity to go in for exclusive elite disciplines — golf players will appreciate the 27 loch golf course “Saliena Golf”, and the elite equestrian sports is offered by even several clubs located nearby — Riga Horse-back Riding Sports Club “Sport De Lux” located in Babīte, horse-back riding school in Piņķi, and the Equestrian Sports Club “Temperaments”.

  • Culture

    One of the key culture centres in the municipality is the Piņķi Culture Education Centre featuring two concert halls, the Children Music School, and Library. The Great Concert Hall with 250 seats hosts theatre guest appearances, concerts, and other events open for the audience, but the Small Concert Hall hosts concerts of young talents from the Babīte Music School. You will find also several hobby groups in the municipality — choirs and dance groups, a non-professional drama group, a group of lute (kokle) players, and even a children’s pop group “Pīlādzīši”. Concerts of organ music as well as sacral poetry and music are held in the St.John’s Church of Piņķi.

  • Shopping

    Grocery and domestic stores closest to the village “Lapsas” are found in Piņķi — Maxima, R-centrs, Elvi. People love the local cafés “Gardēžu namiņš”, “La rue Justine”, “Liepājas virziens”, “R-centrs”, and in taverns “Kristapiņš”, “Pie katla”. Not far from the village there is the famous bakery and café “Lāči” visited by gourmets from near and far.


Our family home villages are designed for people striving for a rational and comfortable use of their private space. We have developed carefully planned family home projects with terraces and sheds as well as other options. Each project can be adapted to individual needs, you can choose from various heating options. Moreover, thanks to our quality technologies, construction will take only a few months!


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