Jānis Ozols

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(Zeltiņu Street 12 - 1, “Ziedlejas”, Carnikava)

Before buying a house in Carnikava, we had visited several other properties. We drove to “Lapsas” and really liked it there — we had a strong feeling this is the place where to buy a house. However, before making the final decision, we wanted to visit another site of Nordic Villages – the one in Carnikava. And this was it – it was clear at once that this was the right one, this was our home.
A place with great infrastructure. A 15-minute walk to the train station, it is so easy to get to Riga. In terms of time, the journey from Carnikava to Riga takes just as much as going from some Riga residential district by trolley-bus to the city centre.
Approximately 4 km away, there is a really beautiful beach maintained by the locals. Not far from here, there is a forest for those who love gathering wild mushrooms and berries. Sports enthusiasts can do sports at any time of the year — there are cross-country skiing tracks (through the forest, along the sea, or a special track in “Zibeņi”), orienteering (professional team), cycling routes, and, of course, various water sports.
In terms of utility costs, the house is highly cost-efficient, since heating, electricity and water supply costs are really low. The real estate tax is small if compared to other municipalities in the Greater Riga area. In my opinion, price of the house is also attractive. The price is similar to a 2-room or 3-room apartment in a new project in a Riga suburb.
The more time we spend here, the more we understand we have made the right choice. There are many more positive aspects about this place, that cannot be put in a few sentences. So, should you have any questions, come to Carnikava and ask us :)


(Briežu Street 96, “Lapsas”, Babītes mun.)

The best thing about living in “Lapsas” is silence, peace, and closeness to nature.
We are most happy the days that we can simply spend at home. We have been living here already for one and a half year, and we are still surprised at how easy it is to leave daily stress behind after a 30-minute drive home. At the same time it is quite convenient as Riga is relatively close.
We are happy and proud how much our little son Austris loves spending his time outside and in the forest, which is right next to our house. He wants to go gathering wild mushrooms and berries all year round. During summer we do it nearly every day!
We enjoy our morning coffee in pyjamas while sitting in our garden and listening to birds singing. We enjoy working in our own garden and we often light a bonfire under the dark sky.
Sunrises and sunsets are a masterpiece nearly every day, and we have already hundreds of pictures of rainbows over our house, since this phenomena of nature is nothing extraordinary in “Lapsas”.


(Briežu Street 5, “Lapsas”, Babītes mun.)

When I first arrived in “Lapsas”, I instantly knew — this is where my home is going to be! However, I still cannot answer myself to the question — why exactly “Lapsas”? There are forests in other places as well. There is silence in other places as well. There is something more about “Lapsas” I cannot get down to words only — it is the feeling. And I feel myself at best when I am in “Lapsas”!

Want to go for a morning jog? Why not? There is the forest!
Want to go out for a bicycle ride? Why not? There is the forest!
Want to go for a weekend walk? Why not? There is the forest!
Want to go for a swim (either in summer, autumn, or winter)? Why not? There is the lake!